Top Useful WooCommerce WordPress Login And Registration Plugins


The login and registration forms are your gateway to configuring and using WooCommerce WordPress. Here we are sharing some of the most useful WooCommerce WordPress login and registration plugins with unique functionality. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

UserPro – User Profiles with Social Login

UserPro offers beautiful front-end profiles, login, and registration for WordPress. Besides these, UserPro comes with loads of other features like social connect and integration, viral marketing, user badges, verified accounts, content restriction, public/private activity feed, and more. It is simply all-in-one plugin!

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Login Layout Customize

Login Layout Customize is flexibly customizing for Login Screen on WordPress. Your logo and your menus to place is possible at the top. Place the contents to login form is possible at side. Place your menu and Copyright to the footer is possible. And, It’s that simple. Your site case of service site, I think this plugin is useful.

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AccessPress Social Login

AccessPress Social Login – is a perfect WordPress plugin to allow your website users to register/login to the website using one of their favorite social website accounts. As a website owner, you can easily configure which social accounts to enable/disable for login, which areas of the website social login should be displayed (login, registration, comments, check out) and other various configuration including text/strings configuration. Also, you can select the social login buttons/icons from 15 beautifully designed templates to fit them with your website’s overall design/theme.

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Master Modal LogIn PopUp

If you want your users, members and admins login to your site with professionally looking fully customizable and responsive modal pop-up with login form accessible from anywhere on your site and skip all those standard WordPress pages (like wp-login) this plugin is for you.

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WooCommerce Social Login

WooCommerce Social Login extension allows users to log in and checkout with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Windows Live, VKontakte (, Instagram, PayPal, Amazon.

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Login With Amazon for WooCommerce WordPress Plugin

The Login With Amazon for WooCommerce WordPress Plugin allows your users to log-in to your WooCommerce driven webshop using their Amazon credentials. Nearly everyone today has an Amazon account. Why not using this possibility of an easy login without remembering another password? It simply displays a „Login With Amazon“ Button right beside your WooCommerce-Login page and/or on WordPress‘ Login screen.

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Front-end Membership Modules

Front-end Membership Modules WordPress Plugin allows you to easily extend the authentication layer of your WordPress website. One of the main features of this plugin is to display the Login form, Register form with custom form fields, Edit Profile Form with custom form fields and user avatar uploads, Reset password form and Logout features on the front-end of your website.

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ReForce – User Registration Pop-Up

ReForce is a lightweight, highly customizable template driven user registration and login pop-up. ReForce pop-up has been specifically designed for WordPress, BuddyPress, BBpress and WooCommerce web shops to force visitors to signup and log-in to browse through the site or shop and helps convert visitors into leads. ReForce pop-up can be used just as custom login pop-up or it can be configured as the all-in-one solution to convert your valuable traffic to leads that can be used further for email marketing.

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Login Ninja

With Login ninja, you can protect login & register forms with captcha, automatically ban IPs that brute-force attack you, detailed log of all login-related activities, redirect users based on roles and usernames, get email notifications for all login events, protect the site from brute-force login attacks.

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Final Thought

Most of us may not consider the issue about login to our sites if the sites are only for ourselves and not business sites or something like that.   But if you are building a site for others, or your sites needs to have visitors logging into the sites for certain purposes, then the login for becomes important than we imagine. I hope that you can find the most suitable register and login plugin for your online business after reading this article. If you have any question about this, please feel free to ask me at the comment section below!

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