How WordPress History Started

woocommerce history
woocommerce history

WordPress is a web software that can be used to create websites, blogs or applications. When many users/individuals found out about WordPress history and it’s platform (which is free to use) they were amazed and grateful because of the fact that it is one of the best platforms for creating blogs, e-commerce website, landing pages, social network, etc. It started as an open source software and it is now one of the most popular platforms and content management system.

WordPress History
WordPress History

Concerning WordPress history, it all started when some group of individuals came together to make something really useful and important. These group of individuals was developers, supporters, and users. Initially, the software called b2 cafelog, its development was abandoned. A put up from Matt Mullenweg bemoaning not having progress on the development of the tool which led Mike Little to team up with him and together they made a great WordPress history. B2 cafelog was forced to create WordPress.

The first version of WordPress was launched on May 27, 2003, which was well accepted worldwide by the IT community. The version features include new templates, admin interface and generated XHTML 1.1 compliant template. The version had great improvement but it was still based on b2 cafelog.

Version 1.2 of WordPress was launched in May 2004 which came with the tool called plugin which enables developers and users to expand the functions of WordPress which mean that they can write their own plugin or plugins and will be able to share it with the community. Some other acquainted part of WordPress landscape got here that same year with the launch of discussion board in which WordPress history can also be discussed. The discussion board is called bbPress and it powers both WordPress dot org and WordPress dot com. The blogging industry tools at that time became moveable which now led to announcing of new licensing terms which was mainly not liked by users which led to users looking for an alternative platform therefore WordPress 1.2 offered itself as a bold challenge, offering users a mature, strong, smooth and flexible platform with good features that seem to be equal or comparable to ownership/proprietary competition, due to the development of a new version. There has been an increase in user rate rapidly and this has made WordPress history to become more popular and well known to users.

According to WordPress history, WordPress version 1.5 was released in February 2005 which had new features like comment moderation tools, static pages, new default theme called Kubrick and a finished set up of a theme system. This version also enables users to add category or tags top a post easily. In that same year, WordPress history has it that version 2.0 was released in December. It was launched with a new feature called admin dashboard. This feature was a complete overhaul of the administration screens in WordPress creating another landmark in WordPress history. It used DHTML and javascript to make a higher user interface in which users will note a page in order to perform a simple task. Also, that same year anti-spam plugin was launched, the plugin name is called Akimet which created waves in the timeline of WordPress history. This plugin also came with a WordPress database backup plugin which was later dropped in 2007 and this would always be remembered in WordPress history by all of us.

The company founded by WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg is called Automattic, which have filed the trademark registration for WordPress and WordPress logo in 2006 according to word press history.They raised 1.10 dollar million in a series A funding.Some of the first investors were Polaris Ventures, Radar Partners, True ventures etc. In that same year in August, WordPress the first WordCamp was being held in a place called San Francisco.The meeting in San Francisco is where Matt gives his yearly update which is called state of the word.

AccoWordPresshistory in 2007 Automattic bought Gravater.Gravater are the pictures or avaters you usually see next to your name when you normally make contacts on wordpress blogs or site .this technology improve the platform for users. In that same year version 2.1 was developed with a new user interface, autosave and spelled checking.

In WordPress history, A web design country which is called Happy cog joined the WordPress project in 2008 from in order to help to design a new admin UI. Through out their study they were able to come out with some great results which lead to WordPress having new features such as one-click updates, history ,shortcodes and built-in plugin installation.The most important moment in wordpress history was in 2010 when Automattic transferred the ownership of wordpress trademark and logo to wordpress foundation, this ensured that wordpress will continue to grow no matter what.

In June 17th,2010 WordPress version 3.0 .this release came with several unique features such as custom backgrounds,header,menus e.t.c.Wordpress version 3.1 came out in February 2011 one of the noticeable feature was admin bar .it is a place you can access all your pages.All these keep making WordPress history which is a good thing because there were progress in every updates

In 2012 new features were introduced into WordPress, they are; theme customizer, new media managers and theme previews which enables users to do theme preview before selecting the theme, customize theme to their own liking and creating a new image gallery.this also made wordpress history want to be remembered more.

WordPress released a new version which is version 3.7 in 2013.its new feature enabled users to request for automation of update of any releases of sites software.this version is a very good aspect of WordPress history.

Version 3.9 of wordpress was released in 2014 it’s features focused on improving the visual photo editor .It helps to draw and drop photos directly into photo editor and also allows preview of gallaries

The development has been beneficial to lots and lots of users worldwide by creating self employment to people or individuals such as web designers, bloggers, e.t.c who are making lots of income from the use of wordpress. For these people, wordpress history will always be remembered

Besides WordPress history, lets just try and look into the future.this year 2016 wordpress is now 13 years old and still have a steady and rapid growth.the direction of wordpress mainly depends on the purpose of the users and I believe it will be able to empower people around the world.

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