YITH Event Tickets For WooCommerce- Guide For Beginner


Have you ever wanted to hold an event, a party or a meeting? One of the biggest issues regarding events management is selling tickets, which needs to handle with care or you risk to jeopardize the entire event. Furthermore, this is the main reason why we often rely on external services that will take a percentage of your earnings, affecting your overall income and public image of your company. And YITH Event Tickets For WooCommerce is a useful plugin addressing every your issue.

Overview About YITH Event Tickets For WooCommerce

YITH Event Tickets For WooCommerce is a plugin help your users will simply have to select the event they want to take part in, fill out the required fields, like first and last name, seat and any other piece of information you require and proceed to checkout. Moreover, this will make you manage tickets in a simple way from your own website and will make you save the money that you would spend if you had to rely on external services.

Benefit When Using YITH Event Tickets For WooCommerce

Take control of your ticket sales with Event Tickets Plus.

No third-party websites, no ticket fees…just you, your attendees, and your amazing events. Furthermore, Event Tickets Plus integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, allowing you to add as many tickets as you wish to a given event. Then sell those tickets entirely within your site. Additionally, Event Tickets Plus builds on the functionality of Modern Tribe’s free Event Tickets plugin.

No Reliance on Third Party Tools

Unlike other ticketing add-ons, Event Tickets Plus does not rely on a third-party solution (like Eventbrite) to operate. With Event Tickets Plus, all tickets are created directly within the WordPress admin, and attendees remain on your site through the entire purchase process.

Ultimate Ticket Versatility

Aiming to give discounts to early birds who buy tickets early? Selling a limited number of VIP passes at a premium price? Need to collect custom information during attendee registration? Event Tickets Plus has you covered. Each event can support multiple ticket types, and each ticket type can have its own price, stock, SKU. Moreover, With Global Ticket Stock, you can set an attendee cap for your entire event or control inventory individually for each ticket type.

Attendee Management Made Easy

First and foremost, Managing attendees has never been easier thanks to Event Tickets Plus. Custom registration forms allow you to collect useful attendee information during purchase, such as lunch preference, t-shirt size, or job title. Second, Attendees are automatically emailed an HTML-based ticket upon purchase. Finally, it shows who’s coming to your event with our public attendee lists, export attendee records via CSV.

 With YITH Event Tickets For WooCommerce, You Can:

  • Enable sales of reduced- price ticket and provide details about requirements for enjoying reduced- price tickets.
  • Sell physical and virtual tickets on your online shop. In a case of the physical ticket, apply shipping costs just as for any other product.
  • Enable the stock management on tickets. Set the stock quantity and it will automatically decrease each time.
  • Increase the ticket price based on the days left. A different price based on the number of days left till the event starts. Create one or more availability thresholds and set a different price for each of them.
  • Give the event a start date and an end date. This information will be displayed in the event details page.
  • Ask users for more details to be added to the ticket. Choose the number and the type of input fields( text, text area, number, email address, date).
  • Add one or more optional services to the event. For each of them, you can set the available quantity and the price that will add to the ticket price.

Main Feature Of YITH Event Tickets For WooCommerce

When Using YITH Event Tickets For WooCommerce, we can see two kinds of version:

Firstly, Free Version Features

  • Set a different price for each “Event ticket” product
  • Enable the automatic stock management for ticket sales
  • Show the event start and end date on the product page
  • Insert one or more input fields to acquire information related to the ticket the user is purchasing
  • When the order completed the user will receive an automatic email including the ticket as attachment
  • PDF of event ticket can be downloaded from “My Account” page
  • The user can view, download or print the ticket from “My Account” page
  • Add a barcode to each ticket by using YITH WooCommerce Barcodes plugin
  • Track all the tickets sold thanks to the dedicated section
  • Take advantage of the integration with Google Calendar: the event save automatically in the buyer’s Google calendar

Secondly, Premium Version Features

  • All features of the free version
  • Enable the sale of full price and, optionally, reduced-price tickets for the event
  • Increase the ticket price when the availability is under the configured threshold
  • Increase the ticket price when the event start date is approaching
  • Allow selecting one or more additional services for the event: each service can have a cost and a limited availability
  • Link a location to the event through Google Map services
  • View the event organizers and the complete list of people who purchased one or more tickets in the event detail page
  • Use the widget to show a calendar that helps the user to have a view of the events of the month in a fast way
  • Enable file downloading after purchasing the ticket

How To Setup YITH Event Tickets For WooCommerce

Because YITH Event Tickets For WooCommerce has its own many useful features. So, now I want to introduce to you the way install it. You have to download and activate WooCommerce plugin because without it YITH Event Ticket for WooCommerce cannot work. And, there are 3- simple- step to install it:

Step 1: Unzip the downloaded zip file.

Step 2: Upload the plugin folder into the directory ofwp-content/plugins/ your WordPress site.

Step 3: Activate fromYITH Event Ticket for WooCommercePlugins page.

Final Thought

To sum up, I have presented for you some useful thing about YITH Event Tickets For WooCommerce. I hope It can bring benefit for you when using YITH Event Tickets For WooCommerce. And, If you help any problem, it is free to put your question in the post below.

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Using Free Version… I’ve added 3 Fields to a Ticket Event Products but when that product is added to the cart all 3 Fields are repeated 3 times. Can you help?